Spot Contracts

If you have the funds available and wish to exchange all or part of them immediately you can enter into a Spot Contract.

We will secure the best rate available at time of instruction and your currency will be available for transfer to any account worldwide the moment IFX has received your cleared funds.

Spot transactions are quick and simple and are usually the right option when your business needs to make transfers ‘on the spot’. Indigo FX can provide same day transfers to nominated accounts for all major currencies.

Spot contracts can be provided in any convertible currency pair including emerging market currencies. Trading with us is simple and straightforward with no restriction on deal size or how many transfers you wish to make. To make a spot transaction you can simply speak to your assigned dealer and verbally agree the deal. Indigo FX will then issue you with a contract note and supply all the necessary details required for the payment to be executed. Once you have sent Indigo FX the funds to settle the deal the money is transferred to the beneficiary on the same working day.

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